East DP urges supporters to stay calm following deregistration

THE Democratic Party in Eastern Province says the PF government’s deregistration of the party is a sign that they are “too afraid of  Harry Kalaba”.

In a statement, provincial chairperson Danton Ndhlovu said the decision to deregister DP was to prevent Kalaba, the former foreign affairs minister, from contesting the 2021 presidential elections.

“We also wish to send a strong warning to those in the corridors of power to leave Harry Kalaba alone. He is the leader that the DP membership has endorsed to be the presidential candidate in 2021. It’s clear that those who are against Harry Kalaba are too afraid of him such that they will stop at nothing when it comes to preventing him from running for 2021 presidency on DP ticket. Let it be clear that Zambians and Easterners have welcomed DP in the province and they are ready to embrace Kalaba’s leadership because he is honest, straight forward and does not want to use recycled politicians,” Ndhlovu stated.

He stated that DP would not allow undemocratic tendencies being exhibited by government to silence anyone with divergent views on national matters.

“We shall speak and act until no one is ready to listen to us. We shall not allow anyone or anything to act above the law and we shall not trade our constitutional human rights for money or positions in government. This country is Republican state, not a police state and we have the right to own and run political parties and also belong to political parties of our own choice without oppression and injustice. We shall not allow anyone or anything to deregister our party which Zambians have believed in and have welcomed,” Ndhlovu stated.

He stated that the DP did not subscribe to undemocratic processes of eliminating opposition as a means of hanging on to power.

“Having said this, we strongly condemn the decision by certain sections of leaders to put to death the DP and its leadership. We promise to remain law abiding citizens of the great nation of Zambia but this does not mean we are cowards but it is important that we remain relevant. We therefore call upon the general public in the province and nation at large to remain calm and vigilant on this development but allow no one to abuse your constitutional rights,” stated Ndhlovu.

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  1. samlindo

    June 19, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    A deregistration is not the end of the world, look at factors that these parrots claimed were mitigating in this case and clean them up during the next registration, only that this time you should try to register several parties at the same time which can later be merged with the one that will finally be registered, but use genuine people.

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