Inadequate facilities in rural areas hinder quality education, says Simwatachela


CHIEF Simwatachela says inadequate education facilities in rural areas is compromising delivery of services.

In an interview, chief Simwatachela said schools in his chiefdom in Mapatizya constituency had no electricity and lacked proper facilities, creating an opportunity for teachers who have upgraded their qualifications to shun the area.

“Lack  of adequate facilities under the education sector in rural areas is a serious impediment to the delivery of quality educational services as well as providing equal access to all,” chief Simwatachela said.

He cited Simalundu Primary School in Zimba district as one of the facilities that government, through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA), needed to electrify since it was an examination centre for more than six neighbouring learning institutions which had no computers.

Chief Simwatachela urged government to find means to equip schools in rural areas with generators to enable pupils utilise the computers since information and communication technology was now a compulsory and examinable subject.

“We are appealing to government and even to other well wishers to come to our aid and assist this Simalundu school with either a generator because it’s an examination centre for more than six schools around. The computers are already there but there is no power and one of the blocks had its roofs blown off by hailstorm in May this year,” said chief Simwatachela.

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