UPND hopes Zambians will achieve peace, unity Munkombwe cherished

DANIEL Munkombwe calmed down the hostile political situation during the independence struggle, UPND Southern Province chairperson Billiard Makwembo has said. And Makwembo says Munkombwe stood for peace and unity and hoped that Zambians will work together to achieve what the veteran politician cherished.

Meanwhile, Livingstone Press Club president Brian Hatyoka says Munkombwe 86 was a mentor and an inspiration to Zambians.

In a statement in memory of the veteran politician who was born on May 16, 1932, in Mbole village in Choma and died at Livingstone Central Hospital on Friday, Makwembo said the opposition political party would miss Munkombwe’s embracing of love, unity and the spirit of peace.

“It is disheartening to lose a freedom fighter in the name of Daniel Munkombwe. Through his leadership style, he calmed down the hostile political situation during the independence struggle together with others he had worked with during the colonial days,” said Makwembo.

“From his contributions, we hope that the nation will work together to promote peace and unity in the country.”

And Hatyoka sent a message of condolences to Munkombwe’s family on behalf of journalists based in Livingstone saying the former Southern Province minister interacted very well with young and old journalists.

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