Cadre civil servants will run away from Lungu – Fr Chola

THESE cadre civil servants will run away from President Edgar Lungu whom they want to foolishly protect, says Catholic priest Fr Kennedy Chola. And Fr Chola, a media activist, said the media should be left to operate independently and in a professional manner.

On Thursday last week, Copperbelt permanent secretary Bright Nundwe asked the Independent Broadcasting Authority to close down television and radio stations that were ‘misbehaving’.

Nuudwe said this when IBA director Josephine Mapoma called on him at his office in Ndola.

He said the IBA should not be a toothless institution.

“We have a lot of people that want to mess up this country. We have the media that just want to dent the image of the government. This country at the moment is going through massive infrastructure development countrywide. This PF government has done a lot and is doing much more for this country,” said Nundwe.

“Be firm on TV and radio that do not cover the president fairly or well. On the Copperbelt, we want ethical reporting. Don’t be toothless on people that are unethical, pounce on them please. We see a lot of radio stations, tv and other media coming up as we go to 2021 elections.”

Commenting on Nundwe’s statement, Fr Chola said it was such kind of civil servants that would be the first to run away from President Lungu when he leaves office.

“Such characters should never be trusted. These are the people or civil servants that will be the first to run away. We saw this during the Rupiah Banda times. The man loses and where are the chaps that spoke the loudest for him? So we know these kinds of individuals,” Fr Chola said.

He said it was a shame that there was a lot of competition on who was a better bootylicker in government.

“So what is the difference now between Minister Bowman Lusambo and this PS? For minister Lusambo, we understand, since he is a politican. Now for a civil servant to behave in this manner, it is shameful. So what if the private media are closed down? But this has been demonstrated before that the government does not value jobs for the citizens working in private sector,” Fr Chola said.

“Look at what happened to The Post newspaper! They never cared about the thousands of jobs. They only cared that Mr Lungu was in State House. Anything less than that is not of any value. This is the kind of people that are in leadership today. But everything under the earth has its own time.”

He said it was unfortunate that the private media was looked at like an enemy of the government.

“The private media is the voice of the people. Government should not look at the private media as an enemy. So we want to encourage our PS to sober up and allow the media to operate independently,” said Fr Chola.

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