C/Province not party to Kamanga impeachment calls – Mwanabaleya

MTN/FAZ Super League side Kabwe Warriors chief executive officer Keith Mwanabaleya says Central Province is not party to impeachment calls against FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.
Mwanabaleya said that the movers of the impeachment motion should avail the list of clubs that had appended their signatures to the petition if they were genuine.
In an interview during the FIFA approved management and administrators’ course in Kabwe yesterday, Mwanabaleya said the movers of the impeachment motion were part of the group that felt left out from the transparent measures introduced at Football House.

“Why are they moving with that petition in the dark if they are genuine? We have not seen it and it may not even be there,” he said.
Mwanabaleya said Kabwe Warriors would not be party to the impeachment motion.

“Why can’t people just wait for elections in 2020? They are not happy with the transparency that has been introduced and still want to be illegally benefitting,” he said.
“Whatever Kamanga is building is still in its infancy, so let them just give him a chance to implement the progressive ideas he has been preaching.”
Kamanga’s ascendancy to Football’s top job has seen some criticism from his long-time opponents especially after his administration implemented the new constitution in line with FIFA and CAF demands and also introduced measures to reduce resource wastage such as scrapping off the Match Organising Committee and introduced compu-ticketing, among others.
Dissatisfied with his work culture, some administrators have been campaigning for his ousting before his term ends in 2020.
FAZ has also reached out to nine out of 10 provinces in the FIFA approved management and administrators’ course. Kamanga has also spearheaded the distribution of equipment to lower division clubs that has been done across the 10 provinces.

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