Sunday 24/06/2018


Black Mountain deaths


Dear editor,
There is no doubt that politics was involved in the awarding of 10 percent of the Black Mountain to local youths. It was clearly a game of numbers. Copperbelt was slipping away from the PF into opposition hands and something had to be done.
And in doing so, safety was never a priority. Also the environmental impact assessment was not conducted because if it was mining at the dump was not going to be okayed until all safety and environmental concerns were taken care of. Minister of mines Richard Musukwa even went to the extent of assuming the role of spokeperson for safety personnel in assuring the country that mining at the dump was safe when it wasn’t. No matter how much Musukwa tries to exonerate himself, there is no way of escaping culpability in the deaths at the dump. His hands are sodden with blood. The best he can do is to apologise to the nation and to the family members of the deceased.
Concerned citizen

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