Cathy in rematch against Zarika

ORIENTAL Quarries Boxing Promotions operations manager Christopher has announced that former WBC champion Catherine Phiri will challenge for the WBC gold medal. Malunga also announced that Catherine had changed her category owing to the passing of time from the time she had started fighting.

He added that the rematch had been called after he requested for it from the boxing governing body.

“When Catherine Phiri fought Fatuma Zarika in Nairobi, you remember that we had a press briefing here and we said the fight was too close and there were some technical issues and we were very sure that if we bring them to the attention of WBC, they would order a rematch. We wrote to WBC and we got a response that Fatuma Zarika has to defend her title against Catherine Phiri,” Malunga said.

“A date [for the fight] is going to be announced once the contract is signed between the two parties. When it goes to the purse bid, we will make sure to put up the best offer, to put up this promotion. We have now moved her into super bantam weight and she is very comfortable now. We don’t need to go back to the bantamweight, we are going to be fighting in the super bantamweight now. ”

He added that he was looking forward to promoting the fight between the two female pugilists.
“We are happy as a promotion that the rematch has been granted and we are looking forward to promoting that fight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Catherine said she was aiming for a knock out.

“My target is to be physically and emotionally prepared for that day.
I am training for the whole fight. She is not a boxer I can knock out, no. If it comes, then it’s a bonus,” said Catherine.

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