‘Caderism affecting economic growth’

CHOMA based human rights activist Bright Jalila says caderism is affecting economic growth. In an interview, Jalila said the cadrerism mentality among national leaders was hampering their efforts to enforce critical decisions that can benefit majority citizens.

“Lack of political will and adherence to calls for the implementation of economical inclined programmes other than those aimed at appeasing cadres only is the country’s major hindrance to the attainment of effective,”  Jalila said.

He said there was need for the PF government to have a pragmatic and inclusive developmental agenda so as to touch many lives of people. Jalila pointed out that it was unfortunate that majority politicians serving in government were unable to speak freely for fear of cadres hence their failure to  implement certain policies that could address challenges  the people were facing.

And Jalila said Zambians were failing to hold leaders accountable based on their promises because mere political rhetoric aimed at appeasing voters cannot be followed well due to lack of basis on which to follow them. He said those in power should not find it easy to divert resources meant for development to politically inclined programmes if the country was to achieve the Seventh National Development Plan goals.

“We have enough laws and policies that can help us meet our goals such as those aimed at safeguarding our resources but all we see under this PF government is that these laws are only implemented with full force  against those in the opposition and perceived enemies,” said Jalila.
“The PF is failing to walk the talk in key areas, among them financial discipline because it only shows seriousness when suspects leave government.”

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