China Jianxi says new terminal works at KKIA being monitored


CHINA Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation Limited says the construction of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport new terminal building is strictly being monitored by all stakeholders involved to ensure that the structure is of quality standard once completed.

Speaking to journalists after a tour of the building under construction, China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation Limited acting contract manager Fall Rao said his company was doing a good job to satisfy its client, the Zambia Airports Corporation.

In Zambia, China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation Limited (CJIC) has been operating since 1987, with several high profile projects to its name.


The wide range of project contracting involves road and bridge, building, airport construction, water conservancy and hydroelectric, farmland rehabilitation, farmland irrigation, water supply and dewatering, borehole drilling, geological exploration and municipal and country infrastructure construction.

It has had more than 200 projects covering a wide scope of construction businesses since it entered the Zambian Market.

In particular, the total mileage of the completed and on-going road projects has amounted to more than 1,000 kilometers, including the upgrading and realignment of Sesheke to Senanga road Lot2 in Western Province.

Other major projects  are the Upgrading and Re-alignment of R231 From Great North Road at Matumbo to Luangwa Bridge (115 Km) Road in Muchinga Province of Zambia – Lot 2 project.

“We are not facing any challenges when it comes to the construction works because we are professionals and we know what we are doing. The design of this building had to be approved by the client and we just construct it as per the design. There are always rules that we follow. For example, when we finish the formal works, engineers from our client come to inspect and after they approve and are satisfied with the works we have done, that’s when we go to the next stage. Without approval of the client, we cannot move to the next stage of the project,” Fall said.

“The design of this building is approved by the client so all we do is to follow the design and give our client what they want. We got about US $255 million from the client; the money is from Exim Bank of China. They have released US $250 million; the total amount is US $360 million. Over US $200 million has been used from the beginning up to now. The terminal building for example has been divided into three to four parts. So when, for example, the foundation works are done, we can claim money for that project and we apply to the client and then money is released.”

He said the rehabilitation of the existing terminal building was also part of the project.

“The rehabilitation of the existing terminal building is inclusive of this project. The scope of work for the airport project include the new terminal building, the rehabilitation of the existing terminal building, the hotel, the fire department area, the control tower, the presidential pavilion and the shopping mall, among others. The whole project is about 75 per cent done. We are on schedule,” said Fall.

“April 21, 2015 was the commencement date of this project and the contract period is 54 months…so the scheduled completion date shall be October 20, 2019. Which is next year…currently we are 75 per cent done with the works and we are on schedule. Our plan is to finish the terminal building as soon as possible and hand over to the client so that we can work on the rehabilitation of the existing terminal building.”

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