PF has made corruption look normal, says Gamela


CHOMA district UPND chairman Sikaleya Gamela says the PF and its government have made Zambians believe that corruption is normal. In an interview, Gamela said it was time Zambians woke up from slumber and begin to put to task those in charge of national resources.

“It is a pity that the PF government has made Zambians to believe that corruption is normal hence their failure to hold public office holders accountable,” Gamela said.

He pointed out that the sooner Zambians realise that PF was not there to serve them but instead serving itself, the better.

Gamela said it was unfortunate that there were Zambians who still believed that PF was the best government “despite its corrupt tendencies, failure to improve the economy as well as to promote unity of purpose in the country”.

“It is no longer a secret that PF is corrupt and has failed to run the country, now even outsiders are able to see what us from the opposition have been saying all along. Everything is on standstill because resources are being channeled into a few individuals’ pockets,” said Gamela.

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