Choppies hails Zambia’s ‘favourable investment climate’

(By Isaac Zulu in Kapiri Mposhi)

CHOPPIES has opened its 18th outlet in Zambia with the latest branch in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Choppies operations director Jyothish Canhiradan says Zambia’s favourable investment climate has made it possible for the chain store to swiftly stretch its business to other parts of the country. Canhiradan says the supermarket will be sourcing almost 80 per cent of its goods, that include poultry products, fruits and vegetables, from local farmers.

“We want to call upon the local farmers to come and register with us to be our suppliers of various goods that we stock in our store because we source almost 80 per cent of these products from local farmers,” Canhiradan said.
He said the supermarket would also increase demand for locally produced products by supplying its various outlets outside Zambia.
He said over 50 local people had been offered employment opportunities at the supermarket in Kapiri Mposhi.
“This is our 18th store to be opened in Zambia since we came in 2014 and we are still growing to prospective markets,” Canhiradan said.
Canhiradan also disclosed that the Supermarket has donated five wheelchairs to be given to persons with disabilities.
Kapiri Mposhi district commissioner Peter Mwiinde hailed the role private investors and businesses were playing in improving living standards of the local people.

Mwiinde noted that the district has continued to receive private investments in various sectors that had resulted in the provision of employment opportunities and improvement of people’s living standards. He commended Choppies Supermarket for thinking about the local people through the provision of ready market for their farm produce.

“Kapiri Mposhi is predominantly an agricultural area but most of our farmers, especially those dealing in fresh fruits and vegetables do not have ready market and their crops go to waste. So we are happy that this will now be the thing of the past,” Mwiinde said.

He, however, challenged the local farmers to take advantage of the ready market that the supermarket would provide to satisfy demand for various agricultural produce. Mwiinde further called on the local farmers to obtain necessary documentation allowing them to appropriately trade with the chain store. Mwiinde also urged other business houses operating in Kapiri Mposhi district to emulate the social corporate responsibility demonstrated by Choppies.

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