Have sex only 3 times a week, Doc tells men

A MACHA mission hospital medical doctor says men must only have sex three times a week to avoid health complications.

Giving a health talk entitled “Your healthy is your wealth” at a three-day Brethren In Christ church national men’s fellowship held at Adastra Primary School in Choma, Dr Charles Hachoobe said having sex on a daily basis was not good to the health of men.

“Men must only have sex three times in a week to avoid creating complications to their health system.The body has its own limits so forcing it to operate against its normal limitations can have negative impact on the health of men,” Dr Hachoobe explained.

He further advised men against using traditional medicine to enhance their sexual performance. Dr Hachoobe explained that sexual boosters that men were fond of taking could worsen their normal performance and create kidney failure, among other possible dangers. He disclosed that having a balanced diet was the best and safest way for one’s body to naturally gain sexual power other than using traditional medicine and sex boosters.

“It’s very important for people to restrain themselves from getting diseases by practicing good health habits such as regular check ups and avoiding things that can put their health at risk,” said Dr Hachoobe.

Speaking at the same meeting, Choma Children Development Project coordinator Cornwell Hademu urged churches to start creating a platform for sharing information about economic and life skills. He said churches needed to change their mindset and focus much on achieving goals than failures. Hademu challenged the church to take advantage of the availability of new technology to improve their welfare.

Brethren In Christ Church Bishop Charles Nsemani said the purpose of the meeting was to learn the word of God together and empower men with certain skills that could help them live better lives in society.

Bishop Nsemani said if men had resources, communities and churches could greatly benefit as well.

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