Sinda DC urges hardwork among agricultural officers

SINDA district commissioner Paradious Sakala has advised agricultural camp officers in the district not to get excited when communities they operate in demand relief food because it exposes their laziness.

Speaking to agricultural camp and veterinary officers at Tiritonse resource centre on Friday, Sakala urged them to be hardworking and explain the different methods of cultivation, which in turn would reduce the cultivation of one crop like maize.

He said the government employed them to educate and help communities practice good farming methods that would give them bumper harvests.

“It is observed that some of you landed on a wrong career because the mindset that you have towards your work isn’t good and the other thing I want to inform you is you should feel sorry when the community demands for relief food because that simply means as agricultural officers, you did not do a good job because if you work hard in these communities, people can’t starve and demand for relief food. When people cry for relief food, just know you are incompetent,” Sakala said.

He reminded them to be proud of their career because it was the backbone of every successful nation, community and family.

“We are what we are because of what we eat, use and dress which are the products of agriculture. It’s same with that song that ‘agriculture ngatailipo bonse aba nibangwele twalaizandamuna…’; you develop the nation through food. What does it imply when a nation is hit with hunger and we import from outside? Then it means you, the agriculturist, are not doing a good job,” Sakala said.

He also took time to explain the role of a district commissioner, noting that most civil servants undermined the office.

“My office or position should not be underrated. I am your in-charge. If you make a mistake, I have the authority to decide what to do with you. But nimvela ati muuza banthu, ma farmers ati ‘yendani kulikonse ise sitiyopa a DC, who is DC to me? Ise tiyopa a DACO’ but ask your DACO who his boss is. I have powers to grab any vehicle from every department and use it or ban it from moving if it’s abused. You say you are connected to who? Who is more connected between you and me? You might be connected to a person who is far from the President; I am connected directly to the President and appointed by the President. So let’s work together to develop Sinda than fighting and underrating each other,” Sakala said.

He said the district would not transfer problems to other areas.

“You are what you are because of the people but the system of insulting them, ignoring them and failing to pay attention to them when they are speaking is bad because they make your salary, we pay you as government for that and if you are not ready to work for them, then you better change the career…We receive complaints from farmers on how you handle them, so secure your job my sister, my brother…” warned Sakala.

And district administrative officer Codrington Sakala warned the camp officers to avoid tampering with the FISP programme by stealing money from farmers or forming ghost cooperatives.

At the end of the being, agricultural and veterinary officers thanked Sakala for taking time to discuss various issues with them.

They complained to Sakala about lack of offices, transport shortage and not being considered under the Rural Electrification programme.

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