Zambia’s major threat to peace is lying politicians – PF official

CHOMA PF district information and publicity secretary Ian Mpasela says Zambia’s major problem and threat to peace is having politicians that only speak lies to the electorates. Speaking on Saturday during Byta FM radio’s live phoning in programme dubbed Hot Potato, Mpasela said the habit of giving wrong information to the electorates was a recipe for violence that could put the country’s peace at risk.

“Zambia’s major problem and threat to peace is having politicians that only speak lies to the electorates. Due to misinformation from politicians, you would find that low thinking cadres end up engaging in violent activities instead of convincing each other on ideas,” Mpasela said.

He pointed out that the system of politicking everything was not helping the country, especially areas like Choma, to fully acquire the desired development. And Mpasela said leaders of nowadays had no time to go back to the electorates to consult them on what project they would want most, among others.

He pointed out that government was supposed to be for everyone and not for PF alone as others perceived it. Mpasela disclosed that sourcing for funds for development purposes must not only be left to central government but even to the corporate world.

He urged the UPND to put its pride aside and accept that there was a government in place.

Mpasela complained that it was difficult for non UPND members to work with civic leaders in the area because they were easily mistaken as mere politicians.
“It’s high time the UPND realizes that no single individual, be it MP, councilor or President can bring development alone from his pocket but instead things work out for those who lobby. So let the opposition swallow its pride and start knocking on the doors of ministers for development to come to Choma,” he said.

And Mpasela claimed that the failure of the e-voucher system for the government subsidized farming inputs was not because of the PF.

“… it was the problem of farmers themselves robbing government of the little available resources through the creation of fake cooperatives… a good number of farmers had more than one e-voucher card, thereby depriving well deserved beneficiaries,” said Mpasela.

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