Zambians merely schooled, not educated – Luo

HIGHER education minister Professor Nkandu Luo says she has decided to reduce financial support to universities. And Prof Luo says in Zambia, people are merely schooled and not educated. Speaking at the 26th Northern Technical College graduation ceremony, Prof Luo said Zambia needs educated people for national development.

“I put high premium in skills development. It is for this reason that I have decided that I will reduce financial support to universities and increase in colleges because I want to see more artisans in the country,” Prof Luo said.

“We have confined our education to the classroom. A career centre is an innovation to create industry to come and add value. In career centre students will be taught how to integrate into society.”

Prof Luo said Zambia’s education system needs to be redesigned. And Prof Luo said Zambia had people that were schooled but not educated.

“One day last week, I decided to buy The Mast Newspaper, which I don’t read. There was a story of the union at UNZA, which is under my ministry. The headline was good and the content. I said to myself this is what the unions should be talking about. Now the story of witchcraft [on social media] was something. People thought I am talking about the issue of witchcraft at UNZA…They put two people besides me and put it that I am the Dean of the School of Witchcraft,” said Prof Luo.

“When I meet youths, the story is something, the attitude of ‘Ba mayo tulyemo, bamayo tuswemo’ should come to an end. There will be nothing of that now. What we have in Zambia is a people who are schooled and not educated. We need educated people in a nation.”

And NORTEC principal Victor Mulenga said poverty in Zambia would only be reduced if more employment opportunities were created.

“We want to contribute to the development strategy of the economy of the country. The incapability to reduce poverty is through [failure to create] employment in the country. It is clear that the formal sector is faced with a challenge. Employment is sluggish and hence the need to employ those with skills that add value which is absent in our country for some time now,” said Mulenga.

1018 students graduated with Thomas Maleka, a physically challenged Automotive graduate receiving the Principals award sponsored by Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo

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