We did well as a team – Ponga

FORMER FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe says he was happy with his contribution in the two years he served as chief executive officer at Football House.
Addressing secretariat staff in the FAZ board room at a send-off from secretariat staff on Friday evening led by his successor Adrian Kashala, Liwewe said: “One thing I am happy about is that I will have my name back because everyone calls me GS. For two years I have been GS but now I will be back to just Ponga,” he said.
“We did well as a team. When we started I think the expectation was that we would struggle, but here we are, two years later we won the Africa Cup U20 which was the first time Zambia won that cup. We have rebuilt the national team. We have a young team, we have laid the foundation to take the country to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. We have young players like Patson (Daka) and Fashion (Sakala), we have our women team that has qualified to the Africa Cup.”
Liwewe said the national team was in a better position to challenge for the Africa Cup and aim for qualification to the World Cup in Qatar.
“I would urge you to work with Mr Kashala to go to the next level. By the next level, I mean on the pitch, with the Africa Cup of Nations around the corner, go back to the Olympics, we were last there in 1988 which tells you how much work we have to do. We have the World Cup in Qatar coming up, we have to be there. We have to continue to work hard. The way we succeed on the field is the same way we succeed here,” he said.
And Kashala said he would build on the foundation laid by his predecessor.
“Blessed is the man who builds on what others have left. A foolish man brings the whole building down. We will not bring down the foundation, the concrete was quite strong,” Kashala said.
Liwewe served as FAZ general secretary for two years before resigning to return to the private sector.
The FAZ Executive Committee appointed Kashala, who was Director Sports in the Zambia Police, to take over in an acting capacity.

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