Buyzed urges Zambians to support local products

BUYZED Campaign founder Evans Ngoma says Zambians should support local products.

In an interview, Ngoma said Zambians would be creating jobs in foreign countries by not supporting local products.

“When you support the local goods it means you pay the taxes that are due but if we don’t support our local goods it means there is something we are doing and that is promoting imported goods. Now the issue is that if we do that, it means we are creating jobs in the places and countries where we import those goods. It means all our foreign exchange goes out there, leaving Zambia with no money,” he said.

Ngoma called for change of mindset among Zambians so that they start valuing local products.

“The mindset of a local Zambian is that once he or she buys something that is imported, then they take it that it is a plus on their part. From the time we launched the campaign we have changed so many mindsets to now focus on locally made goods and services. For me for example, if I walk into a shop and I am looking for a biscuit, the first [one] I will look for is Chico biscuit and if I am looking for a detergent paste, I will go for the product of Trade Kings and that is Boom and others,” he said.

Ngoma said Zambians were free to look for goods that the country does not produce but for those that the country was producing they had no option but to buy locally.

“If they buy Zambian products it means Zambian companies will be forced to increase production and in increasing production they will be forced to employ the many youths that are roaming the streets. You realise that most vendors have been removed out of the streets and they have nothing to do, others are resorting to stealing. But if we inculcate the culture of buying our own, it means we are putting pressure on the few industries we have in Zambia to produce more and more. In the end their workers will also be contributing to the economy through taxes,” said Ngoma.

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