Chanje asks govt to announce maize price

CHIEF Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipangali has appealed to the government through the Food Reserve Agency to announce the maize price to prevent farmers from selling their maize to briefcase buyers from Malawi and other areas.

In an interview, chief Chanje said farmers in his area which borders neighbouring Malawi had already started selling their maize at low prices.

“In most villages, people did not harvest more maize but already vendors from different places like Malawi have started buying maize at between K6 and K7 per gallon. So let FRA announce the maize floor price so that when people sell their maize, they can in turn buy fertiliser for the next farming season,” he said.

Chief Chanje said most farmers did not have a good tobacco harvest and could only buy fertiliser from the money they would realise from maize sales.

He further urged farmers not to sell all their produce to briefcase buyers.

“I have moved in different villages in my chiefdom, I have seen that there is hunger in most villages. I am pleading with farmers not to sell everything. Let them keep some for home consumption,” said chief Chanje.

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