Never trust politicians, cautions chief Macha


CHIEF Macha says Zambians must not put their hope in politicians because some are “useless people” who give fake hope to the poor in order to get power. And chief Macha has blamed President Edgar Lungu for the current political violence, saying the head of state had the power to stop the vice.

In an interview, chief Macha said Zambians are in serious trouble from some politicians who don’t know that politics is supposed to be a service to the masses and not a tool to give false hope to the hopeless.

“Zambians must not put their hope in politicians because they are useless people who use politics to give fake hope to the poor in order to get political power. Anybody who calls themselves a politician is useless,” he said.

Chief Macha said promises made to the electorate by politicians during the 2016 campaign had to date not been fulfilled yet they keep deceiving the people. He said there was a lot of pretense in politics that was discouraging well-meaning citizens from participating in the affairs of their country.

And chief Macha said it will be difficult for Zambians to unite as long as the ruling PF does not stop the ‘panga culture’ which he claims the party introduced to the Zambian politics. He challenged President Lungu to show leadership by stopping violence within his political party.

“President Lungu must not be a bad father who just watches his children in the house doing whatever they want. The President is the one to blame over the current political violence in Zambia because he is the only person who can end violence if he wants at any time. But unfortunately he is just watching his own PF party, no wonder others like UPND are also following suit,” he said.

Chief Macha also called on political leaders to use civil language to each other so as to promote unity.

He said democracy must be promoted in the country by coming up with a deliberate policy that would compel leaders to commit themselves to fighting injustices such as political violence that now poses a threat to the peace Zambians were enjoying. The traditional leader said stopping people from voting freely was violence of the highest kind and must not be entertained.

Chief Macha said the holding of democratic elections in Zambia risks losing its meaning if violence is not adequately addressed.

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