Tanga counsels UPND, PF on violence, self-defence

THIRD Liberation Movement president Enock Tonga says PF is naturally a violent party. Tonga yesterday said UPND should maintain peace and let PF bear the violent tag alone.

“The panga for panga concept by the UPND is purely selfish, childish and unChristian. The concept only seeks to somewhat ‘benefit’ the parties involved – PF and UPND. How selfish! PF and UPND should start thinking beyond their noses. They need to think about the consequences of their actions. Violence is not the answer. It robes not only peace, but joy of a nation,” Tonga said in a statement issued by his media team.

“Violence is retrogressive and shallow. It negatively affects every sphere of the economy. We know PF is naturally a violent party. But we do not expect such lawlessness from UPND. Yes, panga for panga might be self-defense for UPND. And yes, self-defense is a right as a citizen. But is it Christian? No, not at all. It is instead tantamount to retaliation. It is just another way of encouraging an eye for an eye. As Jesus Christ condemned an eye for an eye in the Bible, we strongly condemn panga for panga in the forthcoming Lusaka mayoral elections. All we need is peace.”

Tonga said there was need for peace to continue reigning in the nation.

“Yes, they say if you can’t beat them join them; but – what if you will endanger the lives of so many by joining them? In fact, violence is not something any sensible individual could join. PF and UPND should be mature enough to sit down and iron out issues like the big parties they claim to be. Only children fight for candy! Adults reason together!
To this end, we urge our brother, HH, (Hakainde Hichilema) to show leadership by withdrawing the panga for panga concept. We know HH is better than violence. He should continue being the logical big brother we know,” Tonga said.

“He should not stoop so low and allow the spirit of violence rub on him. The PF, on the other hand, should not provoke the situation. The ruling party must strive at all costs to be a good precedent for other political parties. As third liberation, we are a peaceful party. We do not want war in this country. Zambia is not only a Christian nation, but a peaceful country as well. May the peace of God reign in every part of the country with or without elections.”
The UPND leadership have told their members to defend themselves from attacks by the PF. But the ruling party has branded the UPND violent and using the self-defence strategy to mask violence.

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