CHIPILI Independent member of parliament Jewis Chabi says Zambians have learnt a lesson of having Edgar Lungu as a Republican President whose only qualification before ascension was a public mantra that “‘eo batushilile ba Sata’ (he is the one Mr Sata left for us).”

And Chabi says the PF government is instilling fear in Zambians so that they cannot speak out in the face of injustice.
Meanwhile, Chabi has charged that PF secretary general Davies Mwila has “very limited intellectual abilities.”
Chabi said that in terms of leadership, Zambia was in wrong hands.

“Where I stand, I’m a leader [as] a member of parliament but there are people given the responsibility to control the resources of this country. If they exhibit selfishness or greed that they are exhibiting, where for them to commit money to a project, there has to be something of their interest…. They should just own up and accept the blame [and] we are talking about President Lungu, with his Cabinet and all the people that he has appointed to help him [to] run this country,” Chabi said when he featured on Live Wire programme on Mazabuka Community Radio on Saturday.

“The people of Zambia in 2016 voted for President Lungu and gave him the power to appoint the Cabinet and appoint [other] people in positions to help govern and emancipate the people of Zambia. So, if the people of Zambia begin to complain or begin to face social problems and such cannot be sorted out, it is President Lungu, his Cabinet, the people he has appointed and the PF in general who should carry the blame and the best they can do is to accept the blame and say ‘we have failed and we are going to allow others to come and take over….’”

Asked by the programme host, Shenny Chipulu, what could be done about the country’s state, Chabi gave a scenario of wind and the wind mill.

“The wind determines the direction the wind mill will move to. So, we the people of Zambia should begin to think, evaluate and ask ourselves ‘when we go to vote for our leaders, what do we really want those leaders to do for us?’ We should not be voting for somebody because they have given us a lot of money because that’s where the problem is. What today’s politicians are doing, and I’m telling you as a politician because I’m among them, especially those that are given a chance to be in government, is to abuse their offices. They are taking advantage of the office they have to amass wealth so that they can use money to dictate or force people by paying them money to vote for them so that they remain in power for good. What should be done is that the people of Zambia should begin to evaluate and vote for good leadership,” he explained.

“We made a mistake [to vote for the PF into government]. Remember, I was in the Patriotic Front. We have learnt a lesson! I served within the ranks and file of PF to the level of district chairman for Mansa.”

Chabi further recalled how ill-fated it was that President Lungu was ‘voted’ in 2014 to take over the PF presidency when there was “no background of what President Lungu had for this country for us to base our confidence.”

“The only reason people voted for President Lungu in 2014 was the theme that people coined ‘eo batushilile ba Sata’ (he is the one Mr Sata left for us). Just that! Is that a reason enough for you to give somebody such a huge responsibility simply because eo batushilile? Do you think that is the only reason you can give such a huge responsibility to a person? That’s why we are in a situation like this! You can’t even go further to evaluate ‘okay fine, eo batushilile. [But] is he able to do what is expected? How I wish we could be told that apart from the one reason that President Lungu is the person president Sata wanted to remain as President, the second reason is that President Lungu, when he was at [the Ministry of] Home Affairs, this is what he did, when he served at the Ministry of Justice, this is what he did, when he worked as a deputy minister in the Office of the Vice-President where the DMMU (Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit) is, this is what he did! I’m waiting for someone to tell me something like that,” Chabi said.

“So, what needs to be done is that the people of Zambia should begin to prepare themselves to change the leadership [because] PF has completely failed. I’m a member of parliament and since I became a member of parliament…. I’m using my allowance now even to build a teacher’s house at a primary school in my constituency.”

Chabi, who once served as Mansa district commissioner and at some point as Muchinga province deputy permanent secretary – all under Michael Sata’s government – lamented about marked under-development in Luapula Province.
“Even the people of Luapula are now beginning to realise…. There is nothing to point at!” he noted.
He also urged Zambians to gather some courage because “what the PF is doing is to instill fear in people so that people cannot speak out in the face of injustice.”

“[But] you can’t liberate the country with fear. Some of us will have to sacrifice for the future generations. I know that this world is full of fearful people but I’m not one of them! So, my message is that let’s try by all means to garner courage and speak the truth in the face of injustice, regardless of who is doing it. Our colleagues in the PF have lamentably failed and you should be with them for you to believe it – I mingle with them… What I believe in is that with or without money, I will stand for the truth in the face of injustice – whether that will demand for my life, so be it. After all, all of us at one point we are going to die,” Chabi stressed.

He further wondered why a Republican President would aspire at becoming “super rich” when the State would still look after them in retirement.

“Why compete with private citizens? You are acquiring buildings all over, even going to the extent of attempting to build shopping malls outside the country so that you can put them on rent! Where will you be taking the rentals as a former president when everything will be done for you by the State? In case, if you don’t know, that is what is happening [and] this issue is in public domain,” Chabi underscored.

Meanwhile, on a News Diggers story where PF secretary general Davies Mwila has instructed the ruling party’s lower organs not to touch former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba because he is not a threat to the party, Chabi, who defeated Mwila in Chipili Constituency in 2016, called him “a very big joker!”

“First of all, if you know that you were defeated in a PF stronghold by an independent at a time you were a Minister [of Home Affairs], can you have the guts to call somebody who resigned on his own as a political nonentity? So, for me when you ask me about Mwila as a person who knows him better, he is a serious joker. That is a big sign that PF will get out of power in 2021 because you can’t have somebody who failed to organise a constituency in a rural area and you give him a responsibility to start convincing the entire nation that PF is okay! So, when you ask me a question about him, I look at him as a colleague with very limited intellectual abilities,” said Chabi in an interview shortly after the radio programme in Mazabuka.

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