Corruption sucks life out of our potential – Bishop Lungu

ZAMBIA Conference of Catholic Bishops president George Lungu says corruption has continued to ‘suck’ life out of potential and capable professionals. In his homily when he celebrated mass for Catholic Bishops and secretariat staff in Lusaka yesterday, Bishop Lungu said the country should touch the cloak of Jesus with faith to be healed from many hemorrhages it is facing.
He described corruption as a virus and hemorrhage, which Zambia is faced with.

“As a member of the Conference, ZCCB, I am equally challenged by the faith of the people in this great nation of Zambia, especially through this deadly virus called corruption. [Corruption is] a virus that sucks life out of our potential and very capable doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, pilots and name them all; it sucks the life out of the innocent citizens,” he said according to the ZCCB Facebook page.

The ZCCB president further observed that the country continued to have patients dying at the hands of doctors, buildings collapsing because of such engineers, money lost at such economists and accounts.
“Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars and justice being lost at the hands of such judges,” he said.
He added that elections were also lost at the hands of such commissioners while human rights were lost and disregarded.
Bishop Lungu further noted that those that enter college because of corruption do not deserve it adding that even those that get distinctions were illiterates while the geniuses remain on the streets.

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