Power to end violence lies in Lungu – Livune


WE have seen that the police are not arresting the perpetrators of violence so we will defend ourselves if attacked by the PF, says Katombola member of parliament Derrick Livune. And Livune says veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe was not buried in a traditional Tonga manner because State House security banned the use of spears at his funeral owing to President Edgar Lungu’s presence.

In an interview, Livune said President Lungu should stop the blame game over the ever-increasing political violence because the power to stop the vice lies in his office as Commander-in-Chief.

“President Lungu’s blame game is not realistic. He must realise that all the powers to stop violence lie in his office. He has the powers to order that all perpetrators be arrested, be it UPND, MMD or PF. Once he does so there will be fear to engage in violence, especially by the youths as the police will arrest any perpetrators; not the way things are now where the police can’t even arrest any PF cadre for being violent,” he said.

“As things are now, we will continue to defend ourselves because we have had enough from the PF. We shall strive to protect ourselves because the past has shown that we are the ones who are on the receiving end. Remember the graveyard violence, no one has ever been arrested; remember the ECZ server breach by someone who was not authorised to be in the server, update we don’t know where that guy is. Remember the Shiwang’andu helicopter stoning; no one has been arrested,” Livune recounted.

He added that the UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, was attacked at a church and no one was ever arrested.
“HH will be protected by us, we will also protect ourselves. The principal person to end violence is President Lungu,” Livune said.
And Livune said Munkombwe was not given a traditional send off befitting an elderly statesman.

“We have a traditional way of burying elders like Munkombwe, but this was not allowed. So in future we want to inform the government and State House in particular that they should stay away from such funerals if they don’t respect our cultures. The old man deserved a rich cultural send-off using traditional dancers with spears,” he said.
He added that the PF should not be selective in national development programmes.
Livune said the PF shall soon be out of office just like UNIP and the MMD were and should thus not be selective in developmental projects and employment.

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