We’ve failed ourselves as a country, says Haabazoka

DR Lubinda Haabazoka says Zambia should admire the development agenda of Rwanda.

In a posting, Dr Haabazoka said as a country, ‘we have failed ourselves’.

“In the next five years, we shall be admiring Rwanda the way we admire South Korea. We shall use Rwanda as a case study on how to develop a country. As a country, we have failed ourselves. With all that copper! Allowing foreign multinationals to get it for a song! This is a sin our future generations will never forgive us!!! In 2018 you hear people glorifying street vending! You have so many agencies such that even to access God-given water you need to pay. We need to put our act together. And by that I don’t mean politicians, I mean you and me,” Dr Haabazoka stated.

“Our shanty compounds should be a thing of the past. They [should] have no place in Zambia. Let’s use our mineral resources to build decent houses for our people. Let us stop the Pull Him Down syndrome. Let’s call back Clive Chirwa to realise his electric train dream. Let us support the idea of our neighbour, friend, workmate or even competitor! By pulling them down, you are making your own relatives suffer because they would not have enjoyed the fruits of that innovation!” he stated.

He stated that the issue of tribe should be abolished and people should live as one.

“Let us abolish tribes! They have no place in a Zambia of 2018. Let us abolish chimbuya!!! All Zambians are mbuyas! This Mbuya nonsense is dividing the nation! Much of the problems we face are because of stereotypes of tribalism! We can’t live in a single country divided by mbuyaship!” he stated. “Let’s wake up! Rwanda Air can now fly to the States! Rwanda is now assembling motor vehicles! What are we doing? Forget about the IMF! One point something billion dollars is pocket change to Zambia! We have the brains to move this country forward.”

Dr Haabazoka urged people to embrace everyone and not shy away from providing a service to the nation.
“We only have one nation! Let us give respect to the people in government and the people in the opposition. They don’t sleep because of the many problems facing our nation. Government is not the policy makers or the civil servant, it’s you and me. Don’t vandalise government property but at the same time accuse another person of corruption,” he stated. “Zambia, if you continue like this, some of us might abandon you for greener pastures. By doing so, you would be sending us into slavery. God gave us this land! Let us work it to our best.”

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