HH, Lungu can directly call each other and reconcile, processes prior to dialogue sheer procrastination, says Mumba

NEVERS Mumba says processes put in place in order for the dialogue to take place is sheer procrastination as President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can directly call each other and reconcile.
In an interview in Kitwe after he ordained Rev Emmanuel Shikaputo as bishop, Mumba said the failure by the two leaders to reconcile was retrogressive and undermines the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

“I do not agree with the processes taking place at the moment because dialogue is between President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilima. If the President wants to reconcile with HH, he can easily pick up a phone and call him that he wants to talk either at tea or over dinner or HH can call him and the two can settle their differences because Zambia is a Christian nation and the issue of hide and seek is unChristian,” he said.

He gave examples of how Donald Trump and Kim of North Korea, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga of Kenya, Prime Ministers of Ethiopia and Eritrea were all demonstrating that dialogue with perceived enemies was the only way to bring peace and prosperity for all people groups. Meanwhile, Mumba, the MMD leader, said even though Zambia was declared a Christian country, the things people were doing in the nation were unChristian.

He said countries that had not declared themselves Christian were behaving like Christians while Zambians were doing what Christians were not supposed to do.

“We must take leadership in the search of peace as a Christian nation. We must be the standard,” he said.
“My concern is that we are a Christian nation and we are doing everything that Christians are not supposed to do and those that have not declared their countries as Christian nations are doing what Christians do. We need to take up the responsibility and show leadership on the continent that we are a nation that espouses Christian values of love and unity.”
Mumba also bemoaned the use of black magic by young preachers who want to perform miracles in churches.
He said the thirst for money and riches by some members of the clergy had pushed many into going to witchdoctors in search of power, which they could use in churches.

Mumba said people should know that God was not a magician but a God of times and seasons.
“He has put processes of discipline in prayer and hard work as a way of establishing oneself,” Mumba said.
He advised all pastors being tempted to resorting to magic in order to heal and raise people from the dead to desist from mocking God for their ending would be disastrous.

“The problem with our young preachers is that they have reduced God to a magician. The power of God cannot be mixed with black magic. If you want to be rich or have money, become entrepreneurs and businessmen. The only way to know God and do exploits is to sit in His presence. Before some of us became pastors or bishops, we used to go and sleep at altars in the church and ask God to speak through us, but these days people are going to seek healing powers at altars of darkness (witchdoctors) and they are initiated and start performing miracles in the name of God,” said Mumba.

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