Let police, ECZ, Judiciary not be used as PF’S deadly weapons to kill democracy, says UPND

THE UPND has asked the police, Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Judiciary not to allow PF to use them as weapons to kill democracy. And the UPND has praised former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba for calling on Zambians to be part of a movement whose aim is to make Zambia great and grand again. In an interview, Southern Province deputy information and publicity secretary Neto Halwabala said the named institutions must be professional in their work.

“We appeal to the police, the ECZ and the judiciary to avoid being abused by PF. Let them not be used as PF’s deadly weapon to kill democracy and unity in our great nation. The UPND under the leadership of president Hakainde Hichilema will always modify our campaign messages and encourage electorates to vote wisely,” Halwabala said.

He added that the UPND would not take the PF route by labelling electorates as being tribalists once they lose an election.

“We will continue to promote national unity and the importance of co-existence,” Halwabala said.
On Kalaba, Halwabala said it was encouraging that the Bahati member of parliament was calling for unity and peace.

“The truth is like pregnancy which cannot be hidden, and so we are very happy that Honourable Harry Kalaba has finally joined UPND in calling for national unity, especially that he is coming from a background as a die-hard supporter of Edgar Lungu’s tribalism promotion messages in 2015 presidential by-election and 2016 general elections. During a live programme last week on Mazabuka Radio, he admitted the fact that the people of Southern Province were in the forefront during Independence struggle and also in 1991 they worked hard in promoting Multi-Party Democracy and national unity,” he said.

Halwabala said Kalaba has further exposed PF’s failure in promoting unity in the country.

“This is a wakeup call for PF to stop creating division in Zambia by promoting nepotism and tribalism in government institutions. We have a number of people fired or retired in national interest who are hailing from certain regions perceived to be pro-opposition. As UPND in Southern Province, we urge the PF to respect citizens’ political rights of belonging to a party of their choice,” said Halwabala.

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