Wednesday 11/07/2018


Political violence

Dear editor,
Political party cadres are generally not violent. They are ordinary, peaceful citizens. They become violent only on instruction or instigation from their superiors in the party. Political violence is not a problem of party cadres. it is the problem of political leaders. It is specifically a problem of the ruling party. This is because they hold the instruments of power and have control of the defence and security wings and can act to stop it if they so desired. They can very easily end violence if only they wanted. But there is no political will to end violence. In fact there seems to be a lot of political will to promote and perpetuate violence.
If President Edgar Lungu desired to end political violence in this country, there would be no violence. The ruling party seems to derive political benefits from political violence. That is why they are promoting it. Cadres don’t book their own buses or use their own money to buy pangas or machetes. They are sponsored. They are directed where to go and who to hit.
It would be very easy to root out this violence if the political will was there but there is none.
As a concerned citizen, I’m calling upon the the general citizenry not to allow themselves to continue being fooled on the issue of political violence. It is clear where the problem is. Leaders should not be allowed to continue masquerading as Christian and humble when they instigate their members to rise against their fellow brothers and sisters in the name of politics.
Reuben Sitongwa

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