Govt delays on Kazungula road works will cost millions of dollars – UPND

UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson N’gunn says the delays by the PF government to rehabilitate the Kazungula-Sesheke road will cost the country millions of dollars.

In an interview, N’guni said the government never listened to motorists’ complaints that the road was becoming a death trap.

“We and other motorists started complaining that the Livingstone-Sesheke road was deteriorating at a fast rate from Kazungula but as usual being a non-listening government they thought we were just politicking,” he said.

“But now they have graded off parts of the tarred road into complete gravel. The rehabilitation of the road will now cost the country millions of dollars all because the government failed to repair the road quickly,” N’guni said

He also bemoaned stalled works in various districts countrywide that cost the country millions of dollars.

“We have the Maramba Stadium, the so-called Zimbabwe Market and bus station stalled in Livingstone, works having started in 2013. In Kalomo and Kazungula, we have hospital works stalled and yet the PF continues to steal millions of taxpayers money through unjustified projects such as the fire tenders,” said N’guni.

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