Lusaka voters shouldn’t waste their votes on a political prostitute, cautions Tonga


PF Lusaka mayoral candidate Miles Sampa is a political prostitute, says Third Liberation Movement leader president Enock Tonga. And Tonga says the electorate in Lusaka should not waste its votes on a political prostitute. Tonga yesterday said Sampa was the worst candidate of all the nine contesting the seat, which fell vacant following the death of mayor Wilson Kalumba in May.


“PF Lusaka mayoral candidate, Miles Sampa, is a political prostitute, as far as the Third Liberation Movement is concerned. Sampa is in fact the worst of all the nine candidates contesting the mayoral seat. He is a danger to PF and the Republic of Zambia due to his inconsistency. Just yesterday he dated PF, but dumped her and started dating himself as DF [Democratic Front]. He then engaged other opposition parties in the so-called Orange Alliance,” Tonga stated.


“Seeing that the Alliance was going nowhere, the vagabond Sampa moved in with UPND. He is now back with PF after dumping UPND. The question then is; how can we entrust public office to someone who is not sure of what he really wants? Sampa’s quest for office is also questionable. Is he in to satisfy his belly or serve the people of Lusaka? Therefore, [the] Lusaka electorate should not waste their votes on a political prostitute but should make it count by voting any of the other eight mayoral candidates into office.”


The Lusaka mayor by-election is scheduled for July 26.

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