Miles weeps over Lungu’s Love

PF MAYORAL candidate Miles Sampa yesterday wept because of the love that President Edgar Lungu has for him.

And President Lungu said there is some former PF member who has been barking in the media after forming a small political party.

Addressing residents of Matero to drum up support for Sampa, President Lungu said the said former PF member had been insulting him in public but pleading to meet him at night in his quest to return in the PF.

He, however, said the plan to meet him would not work and asked him to apoligise publicly and ask for forgiveness.

“Batila umwana kasembe, nomochilolele nga kakukoma wabwela wakobeka mailo walaya. I want to make this very clear; Miles has been a member of PF for a long time, from inception. Of course, he went astray but he has come back. Like the bible teaches us about the prodigal son, we have to accept those who come back. Miles Sampa went astray, alilubana, it happens to all of us but alibwela ukulomba ubwelelo apabuta tutu (he came back to ask for forgiveness in public) without any conditions at all unlike some people who want to meet me at night ati ndefwaya tulande ubushiku; tebuloshiubo iyo (saying I want us to talk at night; isn’t that witchcraft)? If you want to come back to your party, PF, just go public and tell the people that munjeleleko napapata, nalilufyanya ndimuntu. Wayapanga akachilonganino walabosa namu newspaper na radio balekuchita cover…‘I can come back to PF but let’s talk to President Lungu in the night ku State House, mukantwaleku State House’; it will not work. Balya abapanga ifipani fyabo baletufulunganya, baletupusaula, baletutuka ifimasele, ubushiku baletuma amashishiwi ati ungu tukumane, ndefwaya ukubwela; tafyakabombe. What will work is simply public confession…that you went astray and you have come back,” Lungu said.

He further said he was proud of Sampa because he had apoligised and asked to return to his former party.

He said Sampa was rewarded with the opportunity to stand as Lusaka Mayor following his courageous public apology, which had no conditionalities.

“We will receive you with pride because you are one of us. Bonse tuli bakuluba, we are capable of being sinners because that’s our nature but when you are wrong, you should be courageous enough to say ‘I am sorry, I am wrong, I seek forgiveness’ we will forgive you unconditionally. That’s what this young man did and that’s why I am proud of you; Miles come through…. This is your own son, your brother, your uncle, your father, he has come back after seeking forgiveness and we have forgiven him unconditionally. To show true love for him, when he applied, we considered him on merit and gave him an opportunity so please don’t let him down. This man worked with us, we carried the same vision we have all of us in PF. Ubuyantashi bwatendeke ba Sata mu 2011eubu bwine mulemona ubu,” said President Lungu.

And Sampa shed tears after receiving praises and kudos from the Head of State.

He said President Lungu’s love for him made him cry.

“Sir, nga taukwete love muchalo, tapali uuyukutemenwe chilakalipa (if no one is loving you, it’s painful). Sir equally, ba kateka abantu nga baisa kutemwisha nacho chilakalipa (When people give you so much love its painful) Sir you have given me love and its painful sir,” Sampa said.

“Sir, Your Excellency, the love that you have given me, ichitemwiko bampela ba kateka nichilya ichitemwiko ba elder brother bapela kasuli mu family. Mwalishiba kasuli limo alaba cantankerous, limo apena tamwishibe nefyopenene but nomba nga walikwata abakalamba bobe balakupela ichitemwiko, echobampela ba President; sir I am grateful, sir I am grateful to the MCC and all of you.”

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