Missing Kamfinsa cop found dead with phone, firearm beside decomposed body

POLICE in Kitwe have picked up the body  of a police officer who has been missing for close to two months in Kamfinsa Town.

Copperbelt Police commisioner Charity Katanga, who confirmed the incident, said sergent Raphael Chama, number 2501, was reported missing in May and was only discovered last Friday, July 13. She said it is alleged that the officer went missing after he knocked off from  his night duties.

Katanga said the decomposed body was discovered near the Kamfinsa football ground by footballers who later alerted police officers at the mobile unit. She said the body of Chama, a sergent of Kamfinsa Mobile Unit, was found in a decomposed state with his cell phone and AK 47 rifle beside him.

She said his body was identified by one of his relatives and that postmortem was conducted on it.

“Around 14:00 hours on 13 July, 2018, a decomposed body was found in the bush near Kamfinsa grounds. An AK 47 rifle was found beside the body and the body was identified as that of number 2501, sergent Raphael  Chama of Kamfinsa Mobile Unit and the same officer was reported missing in May, 2018 after knocking off from a night duty. The body was discovered on Friday by footballers of Kamfinsa at 14:00 hours and postmortem was conducted on the body,” said Katanga, adding that investigations had been instituted.

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