Wednesday 18/07/2018

Dancing at political rallies

Dear endure,

I have noted with sadness how political rallies have in recent years been turned into music or rather dancing shows.

It is really unfortunate that today political rallies are no longer platforms where politicians will articulate the many issues affecting our country. Rallies are now a place where to showcase their dancing skills.

Attending a political rally today is like being at a variety show. And this is not exclusive to the ruling party. I have observed this trend is now common even among major opposition parties.

It almost impossible in this day and age to hear aspiring candidates at these rallies tell the people what they intend to do once elected. If they are not making desperaging remarks against their opponents, they are busy dancing and singing.

Are politicians spending much of their time on stage dancing because they have nothing sensible to tell the people? Or is it because our country is doing so fine that there are no pertinent issues to discuss except dance and be merry?

If I could paraphrase the words of Pan-Africanist Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, we Africans have danced for too long. Our politicians need to stop dancing and begin to think and articulate issues in a manner that promises delivery. This is not an extravaganza. This is not a show. This is not Koffi Olomide. Let us leave that to Koffi Olomide.

Concerned citizen

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