Depriving children of education same as sending them to the grave, says Luo

HIGHER education minister Professor Nkandu Luo says depriving children of education is tantamount to sending them to the grave.
Officiating at the 7th graduation ceremony at St Magawali Trades Training Institute in Choma on Friday, Prof Luo urged parents in the country to consider investing in their children’s education.
“Depriving children of education is tantamount to sending them to the grave because life without schooling is rough. Some parents would rather invest in a business than send their children to school which is not right. Education opens doors for many opportunities,” she said.
And Prof Luo said the habit of people complaining about being poor and relying on products from other countries when God had blessed the nation with a lot of resources that could help transform many lives was bad forr the economy.
She said the country had too much skill and resources that if capitalised had potential to create its own products as opposed to importing.
Prof Luo said despite all the good policy directives that government had put in place for people to use and create employment for themselves, Zambians would rather go for things made from other countries.
She said the government had put a high premium on skills development because it was key to development.
Prof Luo urged the graduates to use the skill they acquired to create employment for themselves.
“As graduates from trades training institutes, yours is not to start looking for employment like university graduates but to immediately use your skills to create self-employment,” said Prof Luo.
St Magawali Trades Training Institute principle Tom Kampamba thanked government for the continuous support it rendered to the institution particularly the support to the on-going rehabilitation of the institution’s workshop.
Kampamba said that the rehabilitation of the workshop would not only improve the quality of work for students but also motivate members of the staff.

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