LUNGU IS A WRONGDOER …police are protecting a wrongdoer because Lungu is a wrongdoer, says HH

HAKAINDE Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu is a wrongdoer after he went to campaign in Kanyama where the UPND were allocated for their last campaign rally for today’s election.

Riot police blocked the UPND as they headed to Kanyama for their last campaign rally.

Commenting on the development, Hichilema said that the police were colluding with the PF and the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

He said the Electoral Commission of Zambia had designated Kanyama for the UPND’s last campaign rally yesterday while the PF were given Mandevu.

“We did not go in Mandevu where they (PF) were designated, it was the area they were allocated. Then they take over our area, you know, which is unacceptable. So you can see that they don’t mean well in everything they do. They just don’t want a peaceful environment where we are all campaigning canvassing for votes freely. This is who the PF area, this is the culture of the PF,” Hichilema said.
“It’s really unfortunate, it’s sad.”

Asked what their alternative was, Hichilema said: “Well we are going there, we have insisted that we go there. The question is why are they blocking us? It’s because Lungu has taken our slot, which was allocated to UPND, now the police are protecting the wrongdoer because Lungu is a wrongdoer. Instead of telling Lungu not to go in our area which was allocated to us, with the involvement of the Electoral Commission, he decides to go in our area and then from there blocked us and he wants to go to the area he was allocated.”

“They still want to block us so that it gets dark, you can see their scheme. This is the type of lack of leadership, which we have been talking about for a long time. Zambians are able to see it for themselves,” he said.

Hichilema said stakeholders could not have a free and fair election in such environment.

Hichilema said country has become a circus under President Lungu.

He said what transpired was an illegality.

He lamented that police who were supposed to protect everyone were on the side of wrongdoers.

Hichilema challenged Zambians to use their power to change the status quo where illegality was a norm.

“When we say there is no leadership, this is what we mean, to provoke citizens, to provoke those who are acting within the constitution and electoral process Act and then he goes to challenge us by force and the police come to back him up. The police are supposed to protect everybody and in this case they are protecting a wrongdoer. This is why the country has become a circus under Lungu…tomorrow (today) we will have an election but how can we have a free and fare election like this? Zambians must continue to question themselves for how long they must continue with this mess, they have the power to change things.”

Hundreds of PF police in riot gear 15:50 hours blocked UPND vehicles headed for a campaign rally in Kanyama.

The police barricaded Provident Street so as to bar the UPND entourage which was headed for Kanyama via Great East road.

When police officers where asked as to why they were barring the UPND from joining Great East road, the police responded that they were doing that to allow for the Presidential Motorcade, which was also believed to be in the area to pass.

The UPND obeyed and waited for 10 minutes, which they were told to wait.

“After seeing no sign of the motorcade to pass, chairperson of elections Gary Nkombo asked the police to allow UPND to pass because the campaign was ending at 18:00 hours after which there was no more time to waste as it was not true that President Lungu’s motorcade was passing,” according to the UPND media team.

“UPND was scheduled to hold a rally at Twashuka grounds at 12:00 hours but police told UPND that they were not going to hold their last campaign in Kanyama because [President] Edgar Lungu wanted to hold a rally in Kanyama despite the schedule indicating that PF holds a rally in Mandevu.”

The UPND then engaged ECZ earlier in the day over the matter.

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