There’s widening gap between govt and the people – ZDDM


ZAMBIA Direct Democracy Movement has invited Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba to stand as its 2021 presidential candidate.

In a statement signed by ZDDM president Edwin Sakala and his vice Charles Kafumbo, the opposition party stated that there were increasing disparities and a widening gap between those in government and the people they are supposedly serving.

“We the ZDDM, one of the oldest political parties in Zambia, wish to invite Honorable Harry Kalaba to stand as ZDDM presidential candidate in 2021 elections. ZDDM has noted with deepest concern the increased disparities and widening gap between those in government and the people they are supposedly serving. ZDDM identifies with the poor majority of Zambians who are exploited through lack of equity of distribution of income, goods and services and whose resources are expropriated for personal expediency by few individuals,” stated the party which had in the recent past been supportive of the PF government.

“ZDDM has observed the political astuteness of Honorable Harry Kalaba, his articulations of issues on changing the political landscape and fortunes of Zambia, as well as fortunes of the Youth of Zambia, who remain largely unemployed and also the marginalized Zambian women. ZDDM further note that Honorable Harry Kalaba is a man of strength and character and integrity, qualities of a rare sighting on the Zambian political arena.”

They stated that through the Harry Kalaba Movement, the aspirations of the people would be attained.

“ZDDM is satisfied, however, that the peoples’ choice is at hand, through the Harry Kalaba ‘Let’s believe Again Movement’, which we strongly support and identify ourselves with. Harry Kalaba’s movement will actualize the dreams and aspirations for a better Zambia for you and me and for posterity,” ZDDM stated.

“We as ZDDM therefore, wish to join hands with honorable Harry Kalaba and further invite him to be ZDDM presidential candidate for 2021 because we share the same ideologies… Zambians should move away from retrogressive politics of violence, insulting and name calling to national issue based politics and development. ZDDM believes that under Harry Kalaba’s leadership, we shall make Zambia  great again through his exposition on the changes in leadership thought  mission and rejuvenated for Zambia.”

They also regretted the apathy that characterized the mayoral by elections in Lusaka on Thursday.

“ZDDM notes with regret yesterday’s  (Thursday’s)  mayoral elections characterized by unprecedented apathy as a distinct indictment on the leadership and type of politics at play which has resulted in political fatigue and loss of confidence and trust in the civil rights of enfranchisement. People no longer trust the current leadership to make changes they feel and needed and don’t see the point in voting,” stated ZDDM.

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