Chief Registrar of Societies defends her decision to deregister Democratic party

CHIEF Registrar of Societies Thandiwe Phiri Mhende has submitted in the Lusaka High Court that her decision to cancel registration of the Democratic Party was made properly.

In this case, the Democratic Party, through its national secretary Precious Ntambu, commenced judicial review proceedings challenging the registrar’s decision to cancel registration of the party, arguing that it was illegal.

She submitted that the decision of the Registrar to cancel registration of the party without considering the objections or reasons furnished by them as to why the party should not have been deregistered, was in breach of the rules of natural justice and thus procedurally flawed or improper.

High court judge Sharon Newa has since granted the party leave to argue their case.

The Registrar deregistered the DP on June 6 on the ground that it had not addressed the issue of why it should not be cancelled.

According to documents filed by the Registrar, DP has been in total abeyance since 2011 and only made communication three months ago just at the point of expiration of the amnesty extended to all defaulting registered societies.

Mhende stated that it must be made clear that the amnesty extended required all defaulting societies, including the applicant, to not only make a payment but also avail the Registrar with information on annual general meetings from 2011 to 2017 and office bearers during the same period.

“I believe that the applicant has ceased to exist and can no longer exist on the register of societies,” submitted Mhende.

The matter is set for August 8 for hearing.

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