Socialist Party (Zambia) expresses anger at attempts to assassinate Venezuela President

WE ARE shocked and angry today by the barbaric attempt at kill the revolutionary Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, says Socialist Party (Zambia).

In a statement, the party’s 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe stated: “We are horrified by this horrendous terrorist attack that has left seven Venezuelans injured. Our thoughts are with these injured Venezuelans, their families and friends.”

Dr M’membe expressed confident the Venezuelan revolutionaries would never let the terrorists win, and never be cowed by terrorist attacks.

“Any government or organisation that supports terrorist actions like this is complicit in the attempt to murder President Maduro and injure innocent people and is equally guilty of terrorist crimes,” stated Dr M’membe.

“Today, all revolutionaries and people of good will are united beyond all borders in support of President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries’ courage and determination.
We stand in absolute solidarity with President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries. We all have to step up the struggle against, and defeat, the ideology that fuels such terrorist attacks.”

On Saturday President Maduro survived an apparent attack on his life during a military parade celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard in the capital, Caracas.

In a televised national address late Saturday, Maduro said he was fine and laid blame for the attack firmly at the feet of “right-wing imperial forces” who he said had hired the would-be assassins.

“They have tried to assassinate me today, and everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right and the Colombian ultra-right, and the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack,” he said.
“I must inform that they have been captured – those who attempted to take my life – and they are being processed. I won’t say more, but the investigation is very advanced. I tell the Venezuelan opposition that I guarantee you can live in this country peacefully. If something happens to me, you will have to face millions of Campesinos and humble people making justice with their own hands.

“I am alive, and I can tell you that after this attempt, I am even more determined to fight for the revolution. The preliminary investigation indicates that many of those responsible for the attack, the financiers and planners, live in the United States in the state of Florida. I hope the Trump administration is willing to fight terrorist groups that commit attacks in peaceful countries in our continent, in this case, Venezuela,” President Maduro said.

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez had confirmed the attack – involving several drones packed with explosives – at a press conference earlier Saturday, shortly after video of the incident began surfacing on social media.

“President Nicolas Maduro asked me to inform the country about what is happening and extend peace to everyone,” Rodriguez said, according to Telesur TV.
“When we were at the military parade 81st anniversary, at the end of the event in Bolivar Avenue in Caracas, at 5:41 p.m. there was an explosion. An investigation has already been launched. Several flying objects, like drones, containing explosives were detonated close to the presidential platform and in some locations along the parade. The investigation has already produced evidence that this was an attempt against the life of President Nicolas Maduro, but he is completely unharmed.”

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