A normal man can’t stay 2 days without sex, claims minister

A NORMAL man cannot stay for 48 hours without sex, says Southern Province minister Edify Hamukale.
And Hamukale says the government in future needs to consider adopting shift work for public workers so as to reduce traffic congestion.
Meanwhile, Livingstone Mayor Eugene Mapuwo says there is too much corruption in Zambia.
Addressing the Zambia Institute of Planners (ZIP) 3rd National Conference at Chrismar Hotel on Wednesday, Hamukale said he agreed with the planners’ complaints against random transfers by government saying it affected children’s education and couples’ marital interests.
“Even my office receives cases of anxiety and stress amongst those that have been transferred, especially for men. Truthfully speaking, you can’t stay without sex for 48 hours, this is biological, this is biological truth. I mean let us not pretend. Every 48 hours by nature, a normal man must have sex, it’s all true, and now you separate him from a wife for I don’t know…first of all distance wise say 400 kilometres, and then they (couples) meet once in a month, it is costly to visit the wife and the wife spends a lot of money to visit him. It is very expensive,” Hamukale said.
“In that one month divide 48 hours, you can imagine the temptations for him to find an acting wife, just acting in her position. These are the challenges; honestly, this is really negatively co-related with efforts to combat HIV/AIDS because when couples are separated, chances are high that when the guy is under pressure (laughs) sampling procedures may not be observed. This really risks people to acquiring HIV/AIDS. We don’t want to lose quality manpower.”
He further joked that the ZIP was laden with very beautiful women.
Hamukale urged ZIP to plan for the construction of more high-rise structures and underground car parking spaces.
“Some government departments that are not very sensitive can work at night, you would have distributed the challenges of car congestion, one kick, believe me because at any given time you will be seeing 33 per cent [reduction in congestion] of any given geographical area, be it Choma…work with the Ministry of Infrastructure, let’s plan for overhead roads. An underground parking lot, tall buildings, shifts, equals zero congestion. That is my equation,” he said.
Hamukale also urged the planners to generate new maps of the new districts as they still appeared under old zones.
And Mapuwo said there was need to re-plan some residential compounds in Zambia such as Zecco in Livingstone, Misisi, and Kanyama in Lusaka.
“If a town is not looking good it means you as a planner you have a lot of work to do. You have a duty to make this country what it must be…investors who can erase the entire compound, give them keys, they will leave a lot of land for you to re-plan…it must not just be work as usual. In Zambia we have a lot of brains…one key thing I have noticed, what I have seen is that there is a lot of corruption. If we don’t stamp out corruption then all the plans we have will be futile. We need good towns,” Mapuwo said.
ZIP president Cooper Chibomba said planners who had been in service for over 20 years have only been more visible in the last three years.
He said Zambia could not develop without giving planners their rightful place in the country.
“We are here to take back our space,” said Chibomba.

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