NKANA Football Club supporters chairman David Mensah has pleaded with the Football Association of Zambia to exercise leniency and allow fans to continue watching home matches.

FAZ has slapped a three-match closed door ban on Nkana fans following incidencies in derby encounters with Power Dynamos.

“It is in this same regard that we write to request for leniency on the 3-match ban imposed on us following our executive’s Appeal of the initial one-match ban. We have already served one game and we have learnt a lesson . We feel three games behind closed doors is too harsh . Soccer is unifying in homes, work places and business and general social welfare of communities,” Mensah stated in a statement.
“Just that one match played without fans has deprived our poor women and youth who live in the stadium’s vicinity around Wusakili compound of their much needed sales which they depend on for the economic livelihood, this includes various traders from the nearby townships like Lwangwa, Mulenga and Chamboli townships who bring merchandise for sell on match day.”

He stated that the fans had learnt lessons after missing one game.

“As you may be aware sirs, Nkana has a big fan base of up to over 15,000 soccer fans per game in most instances.
This fan base cuts across religion, tribal, politics and all ethnicity.
I therefore request the Football Association of Zambia,as a parent, to review their position of the Appeals Committee and allow us to watch our home games. As you may be aware, the two incidents at Nkana in May and Arthur Davies stadium last month were a result of excitement as respective fans were celebrating goals by climbing the perimeter fence, being the derby. There was no violence involved and the games were flowing properly. We have learnt lessons from such celebrations and we have put measures in place to curb such acts .
We further assure you the Football Association in our plea to reconsider your position,” stated Mensah.

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