Paying more taxes to PF is a waste of time, resources – Mulongoti

MIKE Mulongoti says Zambians are against the introduction of more taxes by the PF government because they know that they are dealing with a regime that is irresponsible and careless.

On Monday, Cabinet approved the issuance of a Statutory Instrument (SI) to facilitate the introduction of a 30 ngwee per day tariff on Internet phone calls.

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya on Tuesday told journalists that the 30 ngwee tariff the government had imposed on internet phone calls was not about tax but keeping jobs in the mobile telecommunication sector.

And transport and communication minister Brian Mushimba said Zambia was innovating and “moving forward probably at a pace that sometimes is uncomfortable.”

But in an interview yesterday, Mulongoti who is People’s Party president said paying taxes to the PF government was a waste of resources.

“This is a sad thing…a very, very sad thing in that it is us who buy bundles so I don’t know if somebody can tell us that we don’t pay taxes. Where is this coming? If they were responsible people spending money responsibly, we would want to support them. But they are so reckless, they are so careless that if we give them more money, it is a waste of time and resources,” he said.
“So our view is this, that the people of Zambia have not complained because they know they have got an obligation to pay taxes, but when taxes become ridiculous the people of Zambia begin to ask themselves ‘why are we sustaining their (PF) comfort? Why are we sustaining their drunkenness? Why are we sustaining their irresponsible travels? What is the justification for this?’ We cannot go on because mind you, they have got free transport, free accommodation, free whatever…they don’t feel the pinch.”

Mulongoti said it was ordinary people in society suffering and failing to provide for their families.

“Surely, how can a person who has got free fuel, free telephone, free house, free electricity and water speak with so much arrogance? When they were defending this tariff on Internet calls on television yesterday (Tuesday), I couldn’t believe that they could have such arrogance when trying to justify that thing. How many taxes have they imposed on the people of Zambia and the Zambians have accepted?” asked Mulongoti.
“So, I can tell you that they have run out of ideas and they are now becoming arrogant because they know that their days are numbered. The taxes we will be paying as Zambians to the PF government will only be contributing not only to their lavish life styles but also their irresponsible behaviours. They are showing so much lavishness in the midst of poverty. That is being irresponsible.”

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