KK a great man, says Mpezeni

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni says Dr Kenneth Kaunda deserve respect because of what he did to the nation.

Speaking after he handed over the Kunda Medal of Freedom bestowed on Mama Betty Kaunda to Dr Kaunda during the 2018 Malaila Traditional ceremony on Saturday, Mpezeni said KK was great man.

He said he was installed by KK in 1982.

“Ningakondwe, taona kale kuti aba a President Chagwa Lungu nao okonkha ndithu mapazi ya a Kaunda, mapazi ba aba a Sata. Akamba kale apa kuti tonse tufunika tisebenze na government of the day, kulibe amene azanama bodza, sindiye kuti neo nukamba za ndale, koma tiyeni tipeleke ulemu kuli wamene alipo. Neo ndine mfumu so ngati ulemu uchepelela kwa a President sichingaoneke bwino (I can be happy, we have seen that President Lungu is following the footsteps of Dr Kaunda, the footsteps of president Sata. They have already said (in earlier speech for Chief Nsefu) that we should all work with the government of the day, let’s give respect to the one who is there, I am not talking about politics but let’s give respect to the one who is there. I am a chief and if there is no much respect to the President it doesn’t auger well),” he said.

Mpezeni said he did not have much to say but that a lot of things were in his speech, which was read by senior chief Nzamane.

Chiefs affairs minister Lawrence Sichalwe said traditional ceremonies were not government functions but were meant to promote culture and support chiefs.

“As government, we shall endevour to support all traditional ceremonies in the country. But going forward, may I make a passionate appeal to all the chiefs in the country, I would urge you to work and support the government of the day. You may wish to know that traditional ceremonies are unifying factors, they promote peace and unity. Where there is peace and unity you are assured of national development,” Sichalwe said.

Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu said the people of Malambo had been waiting for a long time to see Dr Kaunda back in the area where Mama Betty Kaunda hailed from.

Zulu commended KK for the advancements that the country had since independence.

“As government as well as in my capacity as MP for Malambo, we thank you very much for making time to come over. With the great advancement that this country has made from independence, when you fought for independence, enabling us to celebrate this ceremony, which at some point were a taboo, we really thank you so much. What better way to thank you than to have you as a special guest for this event,” he said.

Zulu thanked KK for the vision which he espoused for the country which “comes to pass on a daily basis.”

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