Zambia is slowly dying, says chief Macha tells


CHIEF Macha says farmers must consider taking the PF government to court for “obtaining their money by false pretences” following the e-voucher system failure.

And the traditional leader says Zambia is “slowly dying”.

Macha said for effective development to take place, there was need for individuals in key positions to be honest to themselves as well as to the public. In an interview, chief Macha said farmers must consider taking the PF government to court for obtaining their money by false pretences “that it will supply [agro] inputs, especially under the failed e-voucher system thereby qualifying the matter to be a criminal case.”

“Lack of proper agriculture support mechanisms has potential to turn Zambia into a desert, especially in Southern Province where the practice of cutting trees for charcoal burning has become the only viable income generating activity,” chief Macha said.

He said farmers needed knowledge to practice crop diversification since maize farming had proved to be unsustainable due to lack of proper markets. Chief Macha said most farmers had been rendered useless following the failure by government to improve the agriculture sector. He said most people had nothing to do amidst the high cost of living hence resorting to charcoal burning.

Chief Macha said Zambia was currently moving backwards because those in public offices were not working while the government was just creating new taxes and other policies that no one was explaining how they would help benefit the ordinary citizens, especially those in rural areas. He said the government must encourage citizens to work hard “but unfortunately no one is working starting from the top most apart from engaging in corrupt activities”.

Chief Macha said ministers were even failing to explain government policies including taxes to citizens. He accused ministers of only politicking. Chief Macha said citizens could only be powerful and  appreciate the work of government if they were empowered with knowledge. The chief said the failure by leaders to portray a good character to the people who put them into positions of power had made them to lose respect. Chief Macha said there was need for those in power to understand that they were there to serve, hence the need to show commitment towards work.

He said individuals in key positions must be honest to themselves as well as to the public for effective development to take place.

“We need sanity in this country, otherwise Zambia is dying slowly,” said chief Macha.

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