LUNGU PRAYING …to God to disable UPND from participating in elections

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he is praying to God to disable one political party that is not contesting the Kasenengwa parliamentary seat if it is the causer of violence. And receiving UPND Eastern Province vice chairperson Alexander Miti, who has defected to PF, President Lungu says the PF does not use money to buy defectors.
Drumming up support for PF Kasenengwa candidate Sensio Banda at Madzimawe Primary School on Tuesday, President Lungu thanked the people in the constituency for being peaceful in the ongoing parliamentary campaigns.

“Lastly is to thank the people of Kasenengwa for being very peaceful. You have been very peaceful and I hope you will continue with this same spirit until we vote on 6th September. We have received reports of violence in North-Western Province and also in Western Province. I hope the peace that has prevailed in Kasenengwa Constituency campaign is not because of the absence of one political party which has not contested Kasenengwa,”

he said in direct reference to UPND.

President Lungu said peace should always be encouraged.
“What I am saying is that if this is what it means to have one political party not participating in elections, let it be. So I am praying to God to disable that political party from participating in future elections if they are the causer of violence. I am saying so because wherever they are taking part, in the Western Province and North Western Province, there is violence and I fear that in the next one week there might be more violence. Don’t argue because when MMD was in power, whenever they took part in elections there was violence, the fight was between MMD and that political party, now that we are in power as PF, you will find that the fight is between PF and that political party,” he said.
President Lungu said when “that political party” was not in Kasenengwa, there was peace.

“I thank you for holding the peace and I’m also thanking God for not allowing that party to take part in the elections,” he said.

President Lungu also said opposition political parties have always been very antagonistic towards the ruling party for no reasons.

“Most of the political parties in Zambia look forward to failure by the government but when government fails, who suffers? [It’s] an ordinary Zambian. So it’s important to give us somebody we can work with. This man you see here (Sensio Banda) will be subject to discipline by the party. If he breaks the rules we’ll discipline him but we cannot do that with the other candidates who are contesting the elections but, I am sure that for fear of being disciplined (Banda) will do a good job,”

he said.

President Lungu said there were some people who say the PF had failed out of jealousy.
“If you compare the 27 years of UNIP under Dr Kaunda, you compare the 20 years of the MMD and their various leaders and you compare with the few years we have been in power from 2011 to now, you can take your hat off and say PF is truly a working party. Yes, it is always true
that if somebody doesn’t like you, they will not tell you [that] you are smartly dressed, you are handsome or you are beautiful, especially if
they are jealousy [and] they want to be in your place. I am saying so because there are those loudmouthed people who talk too much who think they know everything, they are always talking on the radio, in the newspapers, and television that PF has failed,” he said.

President Lungu said there were people who appreciated the great works of the PF and they were joining it in numbers. He also announced that veteran broadcaster Alexander Miti had defected to PF. President Lungu said the PF was not giving Miti any money nor promising him any money. He said in 2011 when PF formed government, it had no money but people were just tired and they wanted to have a change of government. And Miti said the happenings in UPND had failed him.

“I have found that because of lack of love, lack of inclusiveness and they are also people who do not want to listen to advice on political matters and developmental matters…. I want to say here, that (I have defected) not because of being given anything, God knows, but because I have found out that because of being a political animal that I am, I cannot leave UPND and remain home, no. I want to participate in the politics of this country because I know that I still have strength,”

he said.

Miti said there were a lot of people that were willing to follow his footsteps by defecting to PF because they were not satisfied with what was happening in UPND.

“What I have seen in PF, the MP for Vubwi (Margaret Miti) had said it here, it was just a small place but now there is electricity, boarding school is almost complete, district administration offices have been built and are operational. Because of what I have said, today Mr President, I Alexander Miti, I have resigned from my position as vice chairperson for UPND (in Eastern Province). I will work with the [PF] provincial chairperson but through you Mr President, I need your guidance, I am prepared to go district by district to destroy UPND and I am capable of doing that because I am not alone,” he said.

Miti pledged full support for President Lungu’s leadership and for the PF.

“I am begging that my colleagues who are in PF, kindly receive me like your child, I haven’t come for positions, I have come here so that we help each other develop the country because of the many things that PF has done within the few years it has been in power. Receive me, I am ready to be welcomed,” said Miti.
President Lungu was accompanied by party secretary general Davies Mwila, presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe, local government minister Vincent Mwale (who is also campaign manager), Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu, sports minister Moses Mawere and a horde of Eastern Province MPs and Chilanga parlaimentarian Maria Langa. The Head of State held three rallies in Kasenengwa constituency during his two-day tour of the province.

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