East PF dismisses vote buying claims ahead of Kasenengwa by-election

EASTERN Province is our bedroom, PF provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha has said. Lubusha yesterday described United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda’s allegations that the ruling party wanted to buy his party’s Kasenengwa candidate, Abel Ngwenya, as well as buying voters’ cards as cheap propaganda.

He instead accused Chanda of engaging in electoral malpractices in Kasenengwa. In an interview, Lubusha urged Chanda to play mature politics.

“If you critically look at these allegations, you will realise that this is cheap propaganda. We don’t have time to do such things and as a matter of fact, this is our bedroom. Eastern Province is our bedroom as PF and Kasenengwa is our stronghold. Even if the UPND was to join forces with all these political parties, still we would emerge victors with a very serious margin. We are strong in Kasenengwa. We have no reason whatsoever to start buying cards. Buying (voters’) cards for what? You do what with them after buying them? PF has never engaged in this issue of buying voters’ card,” Lubusha said.

He said PF did not understand the logic behind the buying of voters’ cards.

“What I can say is that this is cheap propaganda and I would like to urge president Chanda to ensure that we play mature politics, to tell the people what we are going to do for them instead of being malicious. He also claims that we attempted to buy his candidate (Abel Ngwenya), for what? Can we be scared of a political party which is not known anywhere? It has no structures in Kasenengwa, no structures in Eastern Province, it only has an interim provincial chairperson,” Lubusha said.

He said PF would not be happy if it went unopposed because it believed in democracy.

“I am challenging president Chanda to tell us the names of the PF officials who attempted to buy his candidate. I don’t even know his candidate and we have never attempted to meet anyone. All in all, this is just cheap politics which we need to denounce in Zambia. When we go on platforms, as PF, we tell the people what we will continue doing, offer solutions to the people,” Lubusha said.

He said politicians should play politics of love and not hatred.

And Lubusha claimed that he had evidence that Chanda engaged in electoral malpractices in Kasenengwa.

“This man was distributing money. He was distributing chitenge material, which was not party regalia, so we are aware of what he has been doing and we have got evidence. But he must realise that he cannot buy people from Kasenengwa because they are already decided. People know what is good and bad for them,” claimed Lubusha.

Featuring on Feel Free FM’s Face to Face programme, Chanda accused PF of attempting to buy off UPPZ Kasenengwa candidate so that he could withdraw from the race.
“My candidate was approached by the PF a day after the nomination. So our candidate was called by the PF and he went because he used to be part of the PF, they called him into a house and told him that ‘we want to give you money so that you withdraw’. Those of you who think that the buying is just a fallacy, it is real! PF is busy in the business of buying people, so they did not want us to participate in the elections. They offered money to our candidate but you know, I am raising up leaders with morals, UPPZ is not raising up prostitutes who can cross over anytime and anyhow,” he said.

Chanda boasted that he was raising leaders with integrity who could not easily be bought. He also accused the PF of buying voters cards in Kasenengwa ahead of the by-election. Chanda said his party had not reported the matter to any institution because they were all compromised

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