Incompetent, corrupt politicians auctioning Zambia to China – Sejani

FORMER Mapatizya member of parliament Ackson Sejani says a “bunch of incompetent and corrupt politicians” is auctioning Zambia to the Chinese.
In an interview yesterday, Sejani said Zambians now must start preparing themselves to dance to the tune of the Chinese following the grant that the PF government has received from that country.
“Many forefathers, who died in the independence struggle, might be thinking of turning from their graves after seeing that the country they fought for with a spirited will is being auctioned to the Chinese by a bunch of incompetent and corrupt politicians,” he said. “It is agony to fight for independence in 1964 and only to be recolonised in 2018, in a classic case of ‘Dununa reverse’.”
Sejani said it was clear that the PF government had run away from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan because it lacked financial discipline.
He said PF had opted for Chinese loans, which had the so-called ‘no conditions’ attached.
Sejani expressed sadness that following the grant  from China, now poor Zambians would be asked to pay for the mess created by their corrupt government.
He said the challenges the government was facing in paying salaries to civil servants and the lack of drugs in hospitals, among other things, was an indication of how the PF was failing to spend the country’s resources on the intended purpose.
Sejani challenged the PF government to tell Zambians the truth about the strings attached to the grant the Chinese government had given the country.
He said Zambians must not be fooled by the PF into believing that the Chinese grant had no strings attached because there was “nothing for free in the world.”
He warned Zambians against assuming that the Chinese would not be expecting anything in return after giving the country a huge sum of money.
“We have a huge delegation in China led by the President and as Zambians, do we know what we are doing? Recently the Minister of Finance [Margaret Mwanakatwe] announced austerity measures but what we are seeing is contrary. People have talked against borrowing but what we are seeing now is grants from China and only a discerning leadership can know the implication of that grant,” Sejani said.
He said the implication of Chinese loans were visible for all to see.
Sejani cited the dominance of the Chinese in every sector of the Zambian economy, starting from salaula [second hand clothes] and chicken business, restaurants and other ventures.
He said the country was in such a mess because of the mismanagement of the economy, arrogance, and corruption characteristic of the PF leadership.
Sejani said the PF government was characterised by lies, cover-ups, and in denial “no wonder its ministers were daily defending wrong things that they were doing.”
“We have cases of Zesco, ZNBC, NRDC, Jacaranda School, among other institutions, that we continued talking about that the Chinese have taken over but the PF government keeps on denying. The case of ZNBC and Topstar, it’s now clear for everyone to see who owns more shares and controls the institution. And now we hear even Zesco will soon be taken. So what will happen is that the Minister of Energy will use semantics to defend these reports we are hearing about Zesco,” he said.
Sejani urged the PF to consider dropping the word ‘patriotic’ from its name because it was against their actions.

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