Once I kick you out of PF, you’ll go nowhere – Mwila

ONCE I kick you out of the party, you will go nowhere because it’s not easy to access State House, PF secretary general Davies Mwila has warned party members.

And Southern Province party chairman Lawrence Evans says the province must be recognised because without it, PF would not have formed government.

Launching the PF Southern Province intraparty elections at Southern Lodge in Choma on Friday, Mwila said anyone who would be found scandalising another person would be kicked out of the party.

“Let’s talk about issues; what are we going to do for the party? If you want to be a chairlady, tell the people what you will do for them and those [already] in positions must tell the people what they have done. If you have been dormant, it’s your problem. Where is the district chairman for Siavonga? You tell those two that they will be kicked out of the party, those two, you know them, they should not create a problem in the party. I’m the chief executive officer of the party. Once I kick you out of the party, you will go nowhere because it’s not easy to access State House than me who is on the street,” Mwila warned. “Once I kick you out, you will go nowhere mwalisako ku State House mwalimona ifishimbi fyabapo kaili mukabutukila kuli ba President. Nomba pakuyaingilafye ninshi three years yalipwa (have you gone to State House? Have you seen the metal barriers there, because you may try to run to the President, for you to just enter, it will take three years). Because me I’m found on the street, it’s easy to see me but once I suspend you, you will have nowhere to go. So tell Brave Mweetwa and DC that they should behave. The President talked about it that the DC doesn’t want that job. Because when I was introducing him to the President in Siavonga, I heard people saying vote for Kanyama, eeh how, because he is a civil servant and cadre but he must behave. Elo cilonganino nachilowa, party nailowa so ngabakutamfya kuya ipayafye (the party has become sweet, if you are expelled, you will just go and commit suicide). Because when you are winning elections, it means the party is getting stronger and all the people want to associate with the winner. So colleagues I don’t want to lose anyone. Anyone scandalising the party will have to be kicked out because we’re building the party. We want unity.”


Mwila  also expressed disappointment that after helping the party in the area to fundraise, there was no accountability.

He warned that should the party fail to account for the money realised from the recent fundraising event in Livingstone, he would in future refuse to be used for such ventures.

“You invite me for fundraising and I raise the money but you don’t account for it. Last month I was in Livingstone and I raised K200,000 cash. There was no pledge, you will have to explain how that money was used,” Mwila said.

He further said those not in good standing with the party would not be allowed to contest the countrywide intraparty elections.

Mwila explained that as much as the party was welcoming newcomers, no one would be allowed to jump into any leadership position without starting from the grassroots.

He advised those holding positions both in government and party to stick to their lane and not to interfere in each other’s work.

Mwila called for unity as the party goes for elections and not to use tribalism when campaigning.

He warned Brave Mweetwa and Siavonga district commissioner Lovemore Kanyama to “behave” if they did not want to be kicked out of the party.

“Colleagues, let’s be united, let’s respect one another and when you are campaigning please, [avoid] social media…and I want to take this opportunity to warn those that are campaigning in Lusaka that they should stop scandalising each other,”  said Mwila.

Meanwhile, Evans said he had time and again been attacked in Central Committee meetings that the province was not doing well but he stood firmly to denounce the attackers.

“I tell you that without Southern Province, PF was not going to form government. We have done better than North-Western Province. We have done better than Western Province and we should be recognised,” he said.

Evans said he was proud of the immense support that people of Southern Province rendered to help PF form government.

He said members should reflect on what they did in the past and see if they could grow the party in the province by claiming some seats.

Evans hoped Mwila was aware of the good efforts the party in the province was making and not leave them behind.

And PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga challenged members in Southern Province not to just say that they were PF but must first produce parliamentarians, council chairpersons as well as councillors as they did for other past regimes because the area led in politics of the country.

He said as much as the party’s performance in the province had been good, there was need for improvement.

“As Southern Province,  you need to retreat and reflect on your performance because even in the army and in church, they retreat. We want to see MPs, councillors and council chairpersons and not just talking that we are PF. We want you to give us these people like you did to other parties in history,” Mukanga said.

He cautioned members against giving positions to newcomers, adding that they should just end at embracing them.

“Don’t bring people when things become better and allow them to lead you, no. Let them work while you remain their leaders. I’m not a tribalist myself, I’m your cousin, I’m Lunda,” said Mukanga.

PF central committee member Kebby Mbewe bragged that the PF was the only party in the country that was not owned by an individual.

Mbewe said both leaders and followers must be loyal to each other and the party for unity to prevail.

Choma district chairman Peter Kampamba said there was need for members to remain loyal as the party was headed for a tough time in the 2021 general elections.

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