Catholic Priest urges Zambians not to lose hope

CATHOLIC Priest Fr Victor Banda has advised Zambians not to lose hope, notwithstanding existing circumstances.  And Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba says while political leaders take key seats “at the table of governance,” ownership of the government remains for ordinary people.

During mass yesterday at St Joseph Catholic Parish in Nangoma, Mumbwa, Fr Banda, the assistant Parish priest, said Zambians should be a pillar of hope to others.


“Sometimes we are faced with situations where we see no hope, where we think the whole world has turned against us and everything has fallen on our shoulders. But don’t worry. Today the Lord is saying ‘worry little.’ We are all here gathered as one family and whenever one has a challenge, we are supposed to be there for one another [and] give hope to each other.  Jesus Christ today is calling you and I to be the pillar of hope – be a pillar of hope to somebody,” preached Fr Banda.


And Kalaba hoped that people who have been given the responsibility to lead at national level could lead with “sincerity and have love for the people being led”.

The former foreign affairs minister, who has declared interest to contest the 2021 Republican presidency, was speaking at St Joseph Catholic Parish where he attended mass in Nangoma, Mumbwa district yesterday.

“You the Church, the members of the body of Christ, have got a very pivotal role to play in praying for us political leaders. You need to continue praying for us because all leadership comes from God and I believe [that people] who have been given the responsibility to lead should lead in sincerity and have love for the people being led. So, you (the Church) have an inescapable responsibility and duty to pray for us every day and to remind us as leaders that while we get the seats at the table of governance, the government still remains yours and it belongs to the people of Zambia,” said Kalaba when called by Fr Banda to greet parishioners.

While interacting with some parishioners shortly after the service, Kalaba pledged to buy musical instruments for St Joseph Catholic Parish choir. Kalaba later went to attend a late morning mass at the outlying St Charles Lwanga in Kapyanga area of Nangoma.

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