They are in govt to enrich themselves

Edgar Lungu and his minions are there to simply enrich themselves and not to help the poor. They are not interested in working for a better life for all and not just for some.

So why are they allowed to take the poor for a ride? We have seen Edgar and his minions using their political connections to become instant millionaires. Many of them have become millionaires simply by exploiting the state tender or procurement system. The wealth gap between them and the people they are supposed to be serving, enriching is widening by the day.

Today people are joining the Patriotic Front and its government to access opportunities and not to serve the masses of our people or help the poor. While Edgar and his minions are becoming more and more rich, the great majority of our people remain trapped in poverty. Edgar and his minions must eradicate poverty, rather than enrich themselves. Edgar and his minions have managed to accumulate fortunes while much of the rest of the country suffers very high poverty levels.

Edgar and people closely associated to him have formed kleptocratic networks seeking control over state business and money.

General Malimba Masheke has a point when he says it is disgraceful that the current government leaders are “rushing for wealth” at the expense of the suffering majority. Gen Masheke regrets that the Patriotic Front leadership is plunged into preparing itself for comfort once voted out of office.

“You see, I’m not too sure but I feel they are rushing for wealth and this is not good. The leadership is engulfed in preparing themselves for ‘what will I do when I leave tomorrow?’ When I was a prime minister, my salary was much smaller! My permanent secretary received more money than me in terms of take home. Dr [Sketchley] Sacika, who was secretary to cabinet, received a bigger salary than Dr Kaunda who was his President,” reveals Gen Masheke.

“Leadership is about service provision and if you don’t guide that service provision, you can go out of the line. At the moment, if what I hear touches the line, it’s a sorry sight. This one is trying to ask that one to give this one a yardstick and that one transfers it to another and in the end, everybody is gaining something for themselves and not for the people. I understand, if it’s true, some people are amassing 81 houses – just one person – to themselves and against the people’s hope, those who voted for them. This is really disgraceful. I hope that someone will crack a whip so that those who come [afterwards] should not fall into the same trap. I can wish that leaders can have a code of some kind not to allow them to have too much wealth like having 81 houses to yourself – built in brothers’, children’s names. No, no, no. Let them be ashamed of themselves that the public is now aware that they went into leadership to give wealth to themselves, their brothers, cousins, girlfriends. Whatever is of use should accrue to the people of Zambia. Any mistakes that I committed [while in the government] should be a lesson for the people of Zambia not to repeat them. I still cherish the manner in which KK led his way through. You know, leadership needs checks and balances. When KK was in office, he decided that there should be checks and balances – he set what we called a leadership code. Whatever people may say…I remember that when MMD took over from us in 1991, they had to quadruple their salaries because they said they couldn’t live on our imposed salaries. So, they abolished the leadership code and that was a setback because a human being will not guide themselves unless they are helped.”

Should we ever hope for such a leadership – the KK type of leadership – from Edgar?

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