There’s nothing more painful than voting for stubborn leaders – Fr Chola


THERE is nothing more painful than voting for leaders who become so stubborn to listen to the cries of the people, Catholic Priest Fr Kennedy Chola has said.

And Fr Chola says Zambians are no longer interested in voting in by-elections because nothing will change as “stubborn leaders” are still in charge.

In an interview, Fr Chola said those in authority should always remember that everything comes to an end.

“It is biblical that everything comes to an end. Just like life will end for everyone, so is the earthly powers. Don’t ever think leadership is a permanent job to abuse people. To tell you the truth, there is nothing more painful than voting for leaders who become very stubborn to listen to the cries of the people,” Fr Chola said. “One day, everything will end. It can take many years but surely it will end. But the question is: how will you be remembered? As a leader, learn to listen to the people who are suffering. Unfortunately, today we have leaders that are rejoicing seeing the people suffer.”

He said parliamentary and ward elections had become a burden on the people.

“Everyday, I hear a number of people saying that it is a waste of time to vote in ward or parliamentary by-elections because such a vote will not mean anything as the same President will remain in power but we shall vote in a general election to express our displeasure. So to me, this tells me that people are now more frustrated. So what can we do? The best is to stop these induced by-elections,” Fr Chola.

“This is where the governing party needs to take a leading example not to accept those that want to defect and cause a by-election. Let them work for the people and see what will happen. Unfortunately in Zambia, we think winning a by-election is a way of proving popularity. Prove popularity by providing food to the people.”

He said Zambia today had a collapsed economy that needs serious attention.

“The government needs to start sorting out the economy and addressing high levels of corruption in the country because people are going through serious economic stress, especially these numerous taxes and levies. So it is up to them,” said Fr Chola.

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