Zampost workers threaten no-confidence vote on PF

WE will subject you to a vote of no confidence in 2021 for mistreating us, Zampost workers have warned the ruling PF.
In an interview, the Livingstone Zampost workers, on condition of anonymity, said they were fed up with the Patriotic Front’s poor governance.
“This leadership under the PF is not responsive to the needs of the poor. It is not what Michael Sata left, this has been hijacked by thieves and conmen and women. However, we are comforted in that come 2021 we will subject them to a vote of no confidence. Our warning is simple. We will subject you to a vote of no confidence in 2021. We are suffering as if this is not our country. We have rentals and school fees to attend to and health services are not free,” the workers said.

They said it was dangerous for the government to continue delaying salaries when Zampost was dealing in finance handling.
“It is a miracle that our officers have never been arrested for stealing public funds. This is commendable to our hard working women and men, who have to endure endless months without salaries. We are currently three months behind in salaries. We have not been paid the
June, July and August salaries. This is absurd and we will not tolerate this in 2021,” one officer said.
The workers further accused the National Union of Communication Workers (NUCW) of not being responsive to their plight.
They said the union was siding with Zampost management.

The workers charged that their union was compromised by the government as they have never attacked or condemned the PF leadership for managing the institution like a sewer pond.

“The union is mute as the PF government is treating us as a sewer pond that does not need careful attention,” one worker said.
However, NUCW secretary general Richard Mulenga said the union agreed with Zampost management to be getting updates on all salary issues.
Mulenga said all stations had been paid their June salaries.
“As I am speaking, all stations, that is regions and branches, have been paid their June salaries, Lusaka and Ndola have received their July salaries as well,” he said.
Asked what the union was doing to get government to clear the arrears, Mulenga said the union would continue dialoguing with Zampost management adding that taking to demonstrations or work stoppage was not helpful.
“Taking to the streets is not the solution,” said Mulenga.

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